If your offer on a home is rejected, don’t worry—there are ways to still get the home you desire.

Say you’re a buyer, and you’ve placed an offer on a home. What happens if the seller rejects your offer?

Even with the greatest offers, you sometimes get rejected. It simply means if you take the emotion out of it, that the seller did not want to accept the offer the way it was written. Usually, they will respond in one of two ways. They will either reject the offer outright, or they’ll counter with terms that are acceptable to them.

If they reject the offer outright, again, try to take the emotional part out of it. This could just mean they had numerous offers, and another was stronger. But if you’ve submitted the only offer, the most frequent occurrence is a counteroffer. This puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to sit down with your real estate team and gauge their present offer. We’re going to assess each factor and decide what works best for you.

“Even with the greatest offers, you sometimes get rejected.”

When you choose to work with me and my team, we’re going to work together to create the strongest possible offer. As your buyer’s representative, it’s critical that I represent you and find what works best for you for this home.

The truth is, you are going to have a different incentive for every home—different reasons you want to buy this particular property. Our approach will depend on what this home means to you and what personal value to put on it. I’m looking forward to working with you to create strong offers and evaluate your options.

If you’d like to work with me or learn about this process in more detail, give me a call or email me, I would love to work with you!