The No. 1 question I get from sellers is something akin to, “How much is my house worth? How do we price this thing?”

There are actually two approaches to pricing your home to sell:

First, we could use automated data. By giving me your address, we can use automated data (including past sales in the area) that will plug the information into an algorithm and will generate an estimate. This is more of a guideline to pricing your home, since the computer has never been in your house to know its true value.

“The best price is one that the seller is willing to take and that buyers are willing to pay.”

Second, try having an agent do a personal evaluation. One quick way to get this sort of guide is to do an online evaluation, but for it to be even more accurate, you’ll want to do a more personalized one. 

A real estate professional like me can come to your home, evaluate its condition, and compare it to other, comparable homes that have sold (aka “comps”). Using that information, we can determine a range of prices appropriate for your home. If you price your home beyond the maximal range, it’s probably too high to be tenable. 

Essentially, to help you make your decision, we’ll use data to set guidelines for your price, and then we work with you to figure out your goals, and then we apply intuitive knowledge about what the market is currently doing. When all these factors come into alignment, I’m confident we can come up with a pricing strategy that works for you.

If you’d like me to come out and help you price your home, reach out to me. I’d love to help you.