Portland has been in the news recently in a big way. Specifically, there were a few recent articles in Forbes that I wanted to address.

The first is a list of the companies with the happiest employees. Nike, where my husband works, came in at No. 2. Keller Williams actually took the top spot! We’re so grateful to work for such great companies and we can definitely say that we are extremely happy to be where we are at.

“This is a great place to be in business.”

Another article from Forbes rated Portland as the No. 1 city for business growth. This study was based on 14 different metrics, including income growth, costs, education level of the labor force, and other factors. Personally, as someone who is working here day in and day out, I see people flocking here in droves from the East Coast and other West Coast markets like San Francisco and Seattle. This is a great place to live, great place to invest, and a great place to be in business.

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