Here are a few tips for choosing the best agent to help you in the market.

Today I’m discussing a topic near and dear to my heart. Sure, I would love you to choose me as your real estate agent, but I want to share the things you should be considering when selecting an agent to help you. 

If you’re a buyer, now more than ever you need an agent with experience, who knows the market, and has strong relationships with other agents. You want your offer to stand out in potential multiple-offer situations, and while you can pick an agent who only sells two to three homes per year, an agent who has more exposure has dealt with more situations that pop up in the market and can see you safely through them. You want someone who has a good reputation, is honest, hardworking, and puts your needs first. 

If you’re a seller, you need an agent who understands the market, the current competition, the properties on the market right now, and who the buyers will be for each seller’s home. They also need to know what the messaging will be for your home; marketing these days should be more advanced than what many agents do. A slew of them just put a sign in the yard, don’t bother with a flyer, and they have what I like to call the “Field of Dreams” mindset for marketing: “If we build it they will come.” It takes way more than that to properly market a home; it takes hustle, grit, picking up the phone and speaking to different agents, understanding feedback, and knowing how to reach the buyers you want.

“An agent who has more exposure has dealt with more situations that pop up in the market.”

Whether you’re thinking about buying or selling or simply want to understand the real estate market better, talk to multiple agents, ensure you partner with someone who will be on your team and who will be straight with you about your concerns. 

If you have further questions about choosing the right agent for you or any real estate topic, visit my website or give me a call. I’m here to help.