Today I wanted to answer a question that I get from a lot of sellers: Does staging really work?

The answer is yes. To illustrate how important staging is, I have three stories. For those of you who aren’t aware, staging is the use of furniture by designers to fit the home and highlight the versatility of the floor plan. It makes the home look particularly desirable.

The first staging success story I’d like to share involves a seller who had their home listed with another agent for $799,000. It had some wonderful features and yet it didn’t sell. The seller canceled the listing with the other agent and came to me. They didn’t want to drop the price, so we decided to stage the vacant home and keep the price the same.

We staged it, and in four days, it sold. Staging worked!

“Staging works!”

The second story is about a listing that was in an area with a wonderful school district and was just a beautiful house. It started at $575,000 with a different agent, went through a series of price reductions until it was at $549,000, and it still didn’t sell.

When the seller came to me, I looked at the home and decided that it needed to be staged. It was a huge vacant home that had a versatile floor plan and just needed to be staged. After staging it, we set the price for $559,000 and three days later, we sold the house for $580,000— $5,000 more than their original asking price.

The third example is happening currently. It’s a great condo in a hot area, and it hasn’t been selling. So we took the time to stage the home and relisted it, and we’ve already had five offers on the property. Staging works.

If you want to sell your home for top dollar and you want to know all about staging, give me a call. If you have any questions about real estate, big or small, ask Sarita. I’m here to help.