Here’s why the highest offer is not always the best offer on a home.

Why wouldn’t the highest offer be the best offer? I hear this all the time from my buyers. They get fixated on the numbers and ignore the many other things that make an offer strong. So today I wanted to talk about some of those other factors that can be more important than price.

There are several things to think about: down payments, close dates, contingencies, etc. The seller is looking for the best terms with the lowest risk. They want to know the offer will close if they take it.

“Buyers need to craft a strong offer in every element, not just price.”

The most important factor is the experience of the buyer’s agent. Whether the listing agent and buyer’s agent have worked together or not is a huge deal. It helps the seller know that the offer will close.

The seller has a lot of leverage during the offer, but the buyer has a lot of leverage throughout the process. Buyers need to craft a strong offer in every element, not just price. My buyers have not always had the highest price, but we’ve still won because we know how to write a strong offer and limit risk at every turn.

This is too much to cover quickly, so if you want to learn more about our process, feel free to call us and set up a consultation. If you have any questions, please reach out. We’re here to help.