Here’s what our brand ‘ask Sarita’ truly means to us and for you.

Today I want to share what our brand, “ask Sarita,” truly means. In the 17 years that I’ve been a real estate agent, I’ve always been on the go, in meetings, and traveling quite a bit. I always say to people something like, “Let’s get together! I’m busy for the next four weeks, but then my schedule slows down,” but then something else comes up. 

Then the pandemic began, and things have changed for everyone; we’re home much more, going out less, and certainly traveling much less. One thing I noticed, particularly in the spring of 2020, was that many people had a great time reconnecting with others, asking how they’re doing, and listening. People always say something like “Fine, thank you,” when you ask how they are because the truth is more difficult to explain. Maybe they were fine in March or April, but then perhaps homeschooling began, financial pressures, job insecurity, worrying about our health, not being able to see loved ones, and more. 

So today I wanted to remind you that our “ask Sarita” brand is about connections. One of my favorite things is connecting people in my life and community. If you’re looking for a job, and I know a recruiter or someone who’s hiring, I’d love to connect you. If you’re looking for a wonderful school for your kids, and I happen to know a good teacher or principal, I’d be happy to tell you.

“Our ‘ask Sarita’ brand is about connections.”

Not only can I give you my take on something, but I can also connect clients with each other. We’re always here if you want to buy or sell a house, but we can do so much more than that. If you need a painter, are considering redoing your deck, want resources for your health, or anything else, give me a shout. I promise to lend a listening ear, a helping hand, and connect you with people I know when I can. 

I love seeing new relationships take hold. I’m here to help you buy or sell a house, but if you need anything at all, call or email me. Maybe I can just help you by making a connection.