Here’s what goes through my head when someone asks, “Should I wait?”

We know that the market is a bit rough out there because there are so many buyers and so few homes for sale. The No. 1 question I’ve been hearing from people lately is “Should we wait until things settle down a little?” If I knew the answer to that question, I’d probably be spending a lot more time in Vegas playing poker. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but I did want to share a quick tidbit from one of my favorite morning newsletter publications, “The Morning Brew.”

Here’s the quote from John Burns, who explained to the WSJ that, “Institutional investors, like pension funds, are swooping in to buy single-family homes in the U.S., driving up prices, and potentially creating another housing bubble.”

“You need a winning strategy to come out on top.”

About 20% of homebuyers never moved in, meaning they’re owned by investors. What this suggests is that as long as there is low inventory and high buyer demand, the prices are likely to continue to rise. We don’t know for sure what will happen, but we do know that you need a winning strategy to come out on top. We’ve been very successful in helping both sellers and first-time homebuyers because of the creativity and agent connections we have.

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